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Where to Buy Art Online for New Art Collectors

As an avid connoisseur and curator of all things art, a question that continually reverberates in my sphere is one of great intrigue and fascination: "Where can I buy art online?" This perennial inquiry echoes from aspiring art collectors who yearn to embark on their own artistic odyssey to procure captivating pieces that will adorn their walls and invigorate their senses. Fear not, my dear art enthusiasts, for I have embarked on a quest to create a guide to illuminate the path to your next art acquisition. In this guide, you can discover reputable online platforms carefully curated to cater to the discerning tastes of budding art lovers.

Artsy, Online art buying platform
Angela Burson, "The Valley," 2023. Acrylic on panel. Courtesy of Artsy and Hashimoto Contemporary.


Where better to commence our exploration than the virtual haven of Artsy? A pioneering platform with an impressive pedigree, Artsy connects collectors to an extensive range of renowned galleries, art fairs, and even museum collections. With a user-friendly interface and a comprehensive search feature, finding your artistic muse has never been more effortless. Discover exceptional pieces by established artists or venture into the world of emerging talents. Artsy's diverse selection ensures that something suits every artistic inclination.

The Artling, Online art buying platform
Bernardino Sánchez Bayo, "Míraveh (contraportada disco Hora Zulú)," 2021. Oil on canvas. Courtesy of the artist and The Artling.

The Artling

The Artling fosters a nurturing environment within its online marketplace, catering to both established and emerging collectors and artists. By curating art from top galleries and artists worldwide and harnessing the power of art and technology, the platform delivers exceptional service to its clients. In an exciting development, The Artling has recently unveiled its inaugural NFT Collection, featuring diverse digital artworks.

Ed Ruscha, "Made in California,"1971. Lithograph in colors on Arches paper. Edition 32/100. Courtesy of the artist and Artnet.


Artnet, a Berlin-based public company, is the leading online trading platform for the international art market. With a focus on art dealers and buyers, Artnet offers a vast selection of fine arts, design products, and decorative arts. Its impressive Artnet Gallery network showcases over 170,000 artworks by 35,000 artists, while the Artnet Price Database provides a comprehensive archive of auction results from over 1,700 international auction houses dating back to 1985. As the go-to website for searching, buying, and selling art, Artnet brings together the global art community and is an invaluable resource for collectors and art professionals.

Brian Rattiner, "Cala Mármols," 2022. Acrylic, graphite, colored pencil, pastel, charcoal, and water from Cala Llombards (Balearic Sea) on Fabriano paper. Courtesy of the Artist and Platform.


Discover Platform, the exceptional online platform supported by David Zwirner, a leading blue-chip international art gallery connecting art collectors with remarkable contemporary artworks through monthly releases of tightly-edited, high-caliber pieces curated in collaboration with top independent galleries. With transparent pricing, a streamlined purchasing process, and a commitment to supporting artists, Platform Art is the perfect choice for art enthusiasts buying art online. Embark on a journey of artistic discovery, where exceptional artworks await to inspire and captivate.

Francisco Rivas, "Shark," 2022. Oil pastel and acrylic on canvas. Courtesy of the artist and Artspace.


Seeking a touch of exclusivity in your art collection? Look no further than Artspace. Curating limited-edition prints, artworks, and even artist collaborations, Artspace bridges the gap between discerning collectors and the rarefied world of contemporary art. Offering meticulously selected pieces from renowned galleries, museums, and artists, Artspace ensures that each acquisition possesses a unique allure. Prepare to be entranced by exquisite works that resonate with your artistic sensibilities.

Leva Trinkunaite, "A friendly kiss," 2023. Courtesy of the artist, The Rooster Gallery, and Artland.


Artland, an online marketplace dedicated to providing an exceptional experience for art enthusiasts, stands out as another notable platform in the realm of contemporary art. With its diverse selection of artworks and galleries, users can browse through captivating exhibitions from around the world. Serving as a source of inspiration and a bridge between the art world and art lovers, Artland brings the joy of collecting closer to passionate collectors.

Murus Art
Fei Alexeli, "Tarot Reader," a limited edition print. Courtesy of the artist and Murus Art.

Murus Art

Murus Art offers a unique experience that revolutionizes how art is integrated into homes. With a focus on lifestyle and homes, Murus disrupts the traditional gallery format, making art more accessible to a broader audience. The platform believes that art has the transformative power to elevate any room and aims to help more people discover this through an exciting and rewarding process. Murus solves common dilemmas associated with buying art for the home by providing a virtual reality tool that allows users to visualize artwork on their walls and a blog filled with articles and inspiration from real homes. Additionally, Murus makes contemporary art more attainable for all with interest-free finance options, thanks to its partnership with Own Art, enabling more individuals to purchase art affordably.

Saatchi Art
Elizabeth Elkin, "Choose your Bubble Painting." Acrylic on Canvas. Courtesy of the artist and Saatchi Art.

Saatchi Art

For collectors with an international outlook, Saatchi Art provides a vast and captivating array of artworks from all corners of the globe. Saatchi Art offers a platform for both emerging and established artists, which is a testament to the democratization of the art world. From mesmerizing abstract paintings to evocative photography, you'll find a treasure trove of thought-provoking pieces to adorn your walls and stir your imagination. With a robust community of artists and collectors, Saatchi Art fosters an engaging environment that celebrates creativity in all its forms.

Rise Art, Online art buying platform
Anna Hymas, "Flowers in a Red Room," 2022. Oil on canvas. Courtesy of the artist and Rise Art.

Rise Art

Rise Art emerged with a powerful vision: to champion, develop, and showcase the remarkable work of emerging and mid-career artists. With a strong commitment to nurturing talent, RiseArt has become a beacon for artistic discovery and support. By providing a platform for outstanding artists, RiseArt connects them with a global audience, fostering their growth and amplifying their artistic voices.

Courtesy of Conart


Conart, set to launch in the fall of this year, is a dynamic new platform co-founded by Katy Byatt, a former lawyer, and Joanna Turney, a finance professional. With a vision to better connect artists with a relevant audience and provide buyers with a personalized and immersive art discovery experience, Conart aims to facilitate sustainable careers for artists while offering art lovers the opportunity to discover and purchase original artworks. More than just an art marketplace, Conart is a passionate community of artists and art enthusiasts coming together to make a meaningful difference. Join the Conart journey and become part of this transformative platform that seeks to revolutionize the way we connect with and acquire art.

Final Thoughts

As new art collectors, armed with this curated compass to navigate the vast online art landscape, you are poised to embark on a thrilling journey of discovery. Embrace the digital gallery spaces, for within them lie extraordinary artworks that have the power to transform your living spaces into captivating havens of beauty and inspiration. While the process of buying art online can require significant time and effort in searching, fear not—I am here to assist you. If you need help sourcing that perfect artwork, do not hesitate to contact me here. Trust your instincts, indulge your senses, and let the world of art collecting unfold before your eyes. Welcome to the exhilarating realm of online art acquisition, where masterpieces eagerly await to grace the walls of your imagination.


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