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Art Advisory

The Nomad Salon provides independent expert advice on all aspects of art collecting to new and experienced collectors. With a focus on Contemporary Art from various art markets around the globe, we assist in building meaningful collections, both in quality and value.


We offer bespoke services to align with your collecting goals and needs.

Our Services Include: 

  • Discovering and sourcing exceptional artworks from across the world

  • Commissions

  • Offering insights on shipping and comprehensive insurance guidance

  • Crafting art curation solutions tailored for your living or workspace

  • Arranging exclusive private studio visits




Our Art Sourcing Process:

Consultation: To kickstart our collaboration, we provide a complimentary consultation. During this session, we work together to outline a plan that aligns with your taste, space, budget, and goals, while also establishing a customized fee structure.

Proposal: We will generate an initial art proposal through a slide deck presentation, aligning closely with the client's brief. The presentation will encompass various options, spanning styles, subjects, and genres, facilitating the refinement of the client's taste. This remains an ongoing and interactive process until a curated selection of artists and artworks is finalized.

Art Viewings & Acquisition: Scheduled viewings occur at galleries and artist studios. We take responsibility for negotiating the price of artwork to secure the best possible price from galleries on behalf of the client. 



Art Sourcing Fee Structure: 

Our commitment to transparency is reflected in our fee structure at The Nomad Salon. Ensuring an informed and unbiased service is our top priority. Acting solely on one side of the deal, any discounts we secure are promptly passed directly to you.

In our initial consultation meeting, we will discuss and agree on the fee structure, which may vary based on the nature of the project. For individual artworks, our commission fee is 20% on all pieces priced at 10,000 GBP and below. Alternatively, for certain projects, a set project fee may be arranged to suit your specific needs and objectives.

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