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Introducing "Art Collector's Home": A Series of Exclusive Exhibitions Showcasing Emerging Artists

The Nomad Salon in Little Venice, London

I'm excited to announce my latest venture, "Art Collector's Home." With a strong commitment to supporting living artists and guiding collectors toward today's artistic pioneers, I'm expanding The Nomad Salon beyond art advisory services to intimate home exhibitions in my Little Venice home.

"Art Collector's Home" redefines art collecting, an alternative to traditional white cube galleries. I aim to craft a memorable time for you while visiting my curated exhibitions. I've designed a space where you can immerse yourself in art, meet its talented creators, and engage with like-minded individuals while savoring delicious drinks and hors d'oeuvres. These intimate gatherings are an opportunity to celebrate art, forge connections, and be part of a community that values the visual arts and all things culture.

The debut exhibition commences on Saturday, August 19th, showcasing an expertly curated array of original artworks by four emerging London-based artists: Phoebe Boddy, Mia Wilkinson, Amy Wiggin, and Rebecca Hardaker. Get to know the artists through my previous interviews with each of them; simply click on their names to learn more.

Space constraints make these art exhibitions exclusive. To secure an invitation to my gatherings, kindly contact me at jenny@thenomadsalon. If you can't join us in London or the events are at capacity, take heart knowing that the artworks will be accessible for purchase on our website the day following the private viewings.

Join me in shaping the legacy of emerging artists by investing in their careers today.

Yours truly,

Jenny Munoz

Founder, The Nomad Salon



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