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Artist Highlight: Xiao Wang

Recently, I have been following the artwork of Xiao Wang through Instagram and I cannot seem to get enough of his realistic paintings of figures in exotic ultraviolet landscapes.


The figurative paintings of Xiao Wang have the power to transport you inside the canvas into an alternative reality. Wang's canvas read like cinematic paintings in which the stoic protagonists are rendered in a naturalistic technique immersed in surreal landscapes rich of foliage causing a dream-like state of mind.

The artwork is highly recognizable by the rich color palette; depths of purples, greens, and blues create a soft ultraviolet effect. Wang's superb use of stunning colors and choice of the narrative make his work intriguing and exciting.

In an interview with Visionary Art Collective, the artist explains his choice of narrative. Wang states, “Some landscapes are about particular visions of the artists, some are about nationalism, some are about expressions of feelings, and some are about the display of powers. The landscape itself is almost always secondary to men’s ego.” He goes on to explain that through his paintings he aims to have the landscape overtake the figures, therefore allowing the ego to retreat to its secondary place, nature. He accomplishes this very well in his paintings as his figures are part of the scene but never dominate the space.

Wang is a Chinese artist who currently lives in The United States. He studied at the Glasgow School of Art in Scotland where he received his BFA degree in Painting and Printmaking. He received his MFA degree in Painting from San Francisco Art Institute.

Wang has shown internationally in Europe and the United States with his most recent solo exhibition Hyperfoliage, in New York. He has previously had three solo exhibitions in San Francisco, California. He has also attended artist residency programs at MASS MoCA (MA), the Vermont Studio Center (VT), Root Division (CA), and Art Point (CA).

With his solid background, Wang is an artist to have on your radar as his career will continue to grow.

Follow Xiao Wang on Instagram at xiaowang_artist



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