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5 Bulgarian Artists to Have On Your Radar

Velislava Gecheva art
Velislava Gecheva. Courtesy of the artist and Rakursi Art Gallery.

How many visual artists from Bulgaria can you name? Hopefully, you can name more than just the world-famous sculptor Christo. However, suppose you are coming to the realization that you don’t know any artists from Bulgaria. In that case, I’m here to tell you about five incredible contemporary artists from this country.

Bulgaria is a fascinating country with a rich artistic history that continues to birth highly skilled artists creating captivating work. This is a country worth exploring its contemporary art scene.


#1. Velislava Gecheva

Velislava Gecheva art
Velislava Gecheva, "Us 1" (2022). Acrylic on wood. Courtesy of the artist and Rakursi Art Gallery.

Velislava Gecheva (b. 1986) studied painting at the National Academy of Arts in Sofia before specializing at the Academy of Arts Macerata in Italy. She graduated in 2009. Her painting is figurative, inspired by her immediate surroundings. The artist tries to capture a glimpse, an impression when time stands still, before displaying it on canvas.

#2. Tatiana Harizanova

Tatiana Harizanova art
Tatiana Harizanova, "For you" (2022). Oil on linen. Courtesy of the artist.

Tatiana Harizanova (b.1977) is an exciting painter who has exhibited her work nationally. She previously worked as a jeweller until 2007, when she decided to dedicate herself entirely to painting. Today, Harizanova composes curious representations of a range of subjects including people, houses, cities and landscapes. Alongside these representational works, she also creates abstract paintings that boast rich colour combinations and evoke a balanced energy.

#3. Oleg Gotchev

Oleg Gotchev art
Oleg Gotchev, "Fisherman and Russian woman on the beach" (2012). Courtesy of the artist and Arte Gallery.

Oleg Gotchev (b. 1954) received his Master's in Art from the National Academy of Arts in Sofia, Bulgaria, where he has taught painting and composition in mural arts for the past three decades.

Gotchev's paintings show mastery of detail with diverse and complicated compositions demonstrating his knowledge of human anatomy. He adds a delicate sense of humor, the ironic mockery of ourselves with our feelings and actions. The artist gradually parts with the plot and creates paintings open to interpretation.

#4. Nora Ampova

Nora Ampova
Nora Ampova, "Never been here before" (2021). Acrylic on canvas. Courtesy to the artist.

Nora Ampova (b. 1989) is a visual artist living and working between Geneva, Switzerland, and Sofia, Bulgaria. She received her Master's degree in Fine Art from the National Academy of Art in Sofia.

Ampova's paintings are colorful pieces often infused with humor and irony. She explores the theme of space and time, particularly regarding the existence of a hypothetical tachyon particle. A tachyon or tachyonic particle is a hypothetical particle that always travels faster than light, which physicists believe can't exist because they are not consistent with the known laws of physics. However, her attraction to the idea of such particle led her to create compositions representing past and future segments, memories, and fiction.

#5. Simona Ruscheva

Simona Ruscheva art
Simona Ruscheva, "Behind the layers" (2022). Oil on canvas. Courtesy of the artist.

Simona Ruscheva is a Bulgarian figurative artist living and working in London, UK. She graduated in Fine Art Painting in Veliko Tarnovo, Bulgaria.

Ruscheva's practice explores various subjects from Bulgarian folklore and heritage. She uses traditional elements and objects in her paintings, such as embroidery, rugs, and ceramic designs. Her images are vibrant and mystic, welcoming the viewer to explore Bulgarian culture.


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