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Curated Gift List For The Art Lovers In Your Life

Find the perfect art gift for your loved ones this holiday season: from physical art and books to an online art course. Here is my curated gift list for all budgets!

NATASHA WILSON, Artstar, art, holiday gift idea
WILD THINGS II By NATASHA WILSON. Courtesy of the artist and ArtStar.

Limited Edition Fine Art Prints

Price: Starting at £208


If you want to gift someone on your list a physical work of art, then ArtStar is a great place to find something of great quality on a budget. ArtStar is an online platform for discovering and collecting fine art prints. All of their art is printed to museum quality, fully authenticated by the artist, and made in limited editions to hold its value. They ship worldwide, and if you are in the USA, you can choose a frame to go with the artwork.

Art Appreciation Online Course, PBS, The Art Assignment, Sarah Urist Green

Art Appreciation Online Course

Price: $34

Buy it HERE

The person you gift this to will learn how to become more knowledgeable about art. With 13 videos totaling 66 minutes of content and lifetime access, art curator, educator, and host of the PBS series The Art Assignment, Sarah Urist Green, shares her secrets to interacting with art like a pro. This gift will incorporate all of the viewer's senses into the experience and explore various methods, techniques, and even games designed to help anyone demystify art wherever they encounter it. You don’t need formal education or fancy lingo to appreciate art, and by the end of this course, they'll have the tools they need to tackle any art-viewing experience with comfort and confidence!

National Art Pass

National Art Pass (UK Only)

Price: ₤45 to ₤110

Buy it HERE

A National Art Pass will let the person who receives this gift enjoy free entry to hundreds of museums, galleries, and historic houses across the UK and 50% off major exhibitions. Get your gift in time for Christmas with FREE express delivery when you buy before 21 December.

Museum Membership

Museum Membership (USA)

Price: $40 to $300 (depending on the Museum and type of membership)

Buy it here: SFMOMA, MOMA, LACMA

Museum memberships make for a great gift. Being a member means extraordinary access to engaging exhibitions and installations, all while supporting the museum’s mission. In the USA, visiting museums can be costly, so if you buy someone a membership, they can enjoy your gift for a whole year without paying for each individual exhibition. I have included memberships for SFMOMA, MOMA, and LACMA. Depending on the museum, the prices and what each membership includes vary, however, they all make it becoming a member worth it.

The Story of Art without Men by Katy Hessel

Hardcover Book: The Story of Art without Men by Katy Hessel

Price: £50.00 for a Signed Exclusive Slipcase Edition (Hardback) or £30.00 for regular

Buy it HERE

This book will give anyone on your gift list an enriching history of art, one that it's never been told before. The author, Katy Hessel, is a British art historian, curator, and broadcaster who champions female artists and rewrites them back in history. The reader will be able to explore the artists from the Dutch Golden Age, the astonishing work of post-War artists in Latin America, the women artists defining art in the 2020s, among other artists from across the globe, as well as art forms often overlooked or dismissed.

Frida Kahlo. The Complete Paintings

Hardcover Book: Frida Kahlo. The Complete Paintings

Price: £150

Buy it HERE

Frida Kahlo was a key figure of Mexican revolutionary modern art and a pioneer of the politics of gender, sexuality, and feminism. This XXL monograph brings together the most extensive study of Kahlos' work to date by combining all of the artist's 152 paintings with rare photos, diary pages, letters, and an illustrated biography. Trust me when I say this book is on every art lover's wish list.

Great Women Artists: Phaidon Editors

Hardcover Book: Great Women Artists: Phaidon Editors

Price: £49.95

Buy it HERE

This book is essential for anyone interested in learning about the often-forgotten names in art history. Featuring more than 400 female artists from more than 50 countries and spanning 500 years of creativity, this book represents each artist here with a key artwork and short text.

The Art Game: New edition, fifty cards

Card Game: The Art Game: New edition, fifty cards

Price: £11.22


If you are unsure what to buy for the person on your gift list, you can never go wrong with a card game. These cards allow art lovers of all ages to play off popular artists and compare them to the trailblazing women we should all know...the battle to redefine the art world is on!


I want to mention that I do not have affiliations with the items linked in this article, meaning I am not doing this to receive a commission from any purchase you might make from clicking on the links. I am simply sharing my favorites. This is my gift to you.

May you find the perfect gift for your art lovers! Happy Holidays.


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