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Chloe McCarrick’s Solo Exhibition: A Visual Celebration of Female Trailblazers


Exhibition: Beyond The Blue

When: November 18th - December 12th

“I hope my visual storytelling ignites imaginations and rouses a curiosity to delve deeper and discover more about the lives of these remarkable women. I want people to feel connected, connected to their stories and to notice the unnoticed.” - Chloe McCarrick

Chloe McCarrick is a fine art photographer and mixed-media printmaker known for her circular blue cyanotypes that celebrate female trailblazers. She highlights the stories of often-overlooked female figures who made impactful contributions to natural history and science. Women such as Maria Sibylla Merian, one of the earliest European naturalists to observe insects directly and thereby became a significant contributor to entomology, are tremendous influences to McCarrick's work. By blending science, darkroom alchemy, and art, the artist creates intricate surrealist portraits. She uses the medium of hand-cut collage, mixed-media print methods, and the monochromatic color palette of Prussian blue to construct the visual narratives celebrating the achievements of the empowering and inspirational women whose individual and collective accomplishments have enriched our lives.

I highly recommend you visit the exhibition in person if you live in London. If you can't visit please make sure to visit the gallery's website (here) to see works available for sale.


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