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Patricia Ortiz

Patricia Ortiz
(b.1991, Mexico) 
Lives and works in Monterrey, Mexico

Patricia Ortiz fearlessly embarks on a profound exploration of the human psyche through her mesmerizing oil paintings that draw inspiration from the timeless legacies of Caravaggio and Rubens. Her ethereal portraits serve as metaphors that plunge deep into the complexities of human emotions, beckoning all to embark on an artistic odyssey into the profound and thought-provoking world of the mind. Her art is a journey that invites viewers to delve into the depths of their inner worlds, sparking healing, self-discovery, and transformation.

Patricia has a Master's in Art Therapy from the renowned Metafora Art Therapy Centre in Barcelona and a Bachelor of Arts in Art Therapy from Emmanuel College in Boston. Her art has been exhibited in various solo and group exhibitions across the globe, from ETRA Galería in Monterrey to the International Contemporary Brussels Art Fair. In 2022, she was a semi-finalist in the 16th ARC Salon Competition. In 2021, she was the finalist in the prestigious competitions of the Boynes Emerging Artist Award and the Séptima Muestra Iberoamericana de Arte Miniatura y Pequeño Formato. Patricia's work has found its place in private collections across Mexico, Guatemala, the USA, Canada, Spain, and Saudi Arabia.

Patricia Ortiz

Patricia Ortiz

"Solitude as Freedom" (2023)
Oil on canvas
40 x 55 cm


Artwork images belong to the artist © Patricia Ortiz

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