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Nell Nicholas

Nell Nicholas
(b. 1995, UK) 
Lives and works in London

Nell Nicholas is a visual artist and musician whose creative exploration revolves around drawing, collage, and painting, delving deep into the interplay between people and their surroundings. Nell's art practice invites us to explore the multifaceted narratives woven into our surroundings, underscoring the hidden tales within everyday objects. Her art is a symphony of visuals and emotions, a testament to the profound connection between art, culture, and the human experience.

With a Bachelor of Arts (Honors) in Fine Art from City & Guilds of London Art School, Nell's talent has been recognized with several prestigious awards, such as the award for Outstanding Work in Final Degree Show, Clyde & Co LLP Art Award, Idun Ravndal Travel Award, and City & Guilds of London Art School Honorary Medal, to name a few. Her work has graced exhibitions in various countries, including England, Italy, and Germany. Nell's recent artistic journey took her to Mexico, where she embarked on transformative artist residencies in Mexico City at JO-HS and Guadalajara at Ceramica Suro. These experiences enriched her creative repertoire with diverse cultural influences, shaping her into an artist who transcends boundaries.

Nell Nicholas

Nell Nicholas

"I Only Ever Loved Your Ghost" (2023)
Oil and watercolor on clear primed canvas
160 x 140 x 4.5 cm


Artwork images belong to the artist © Nell Nicholas

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