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Mia Wilkinson

Mia Wilkinson, May 2023. Photo Louise Yeowart-10.jpg
(b. 1992, UK)
Lives and works in London

Mia Wilkinson is an emerging artist whose figurative oil paintings delve into the visceral realm of sexualized female forms that transcend boundaries, weaving ribald narratives, quintessential British experiences, and a dash of unsettling humor.

Wilkinson's artistic voyage is an immersive exploration where sexualized female forms take center stage, rendered with the vibrancy of her chosen palette and the textural richness of thick impasto techniques. Her wellspring of inspiration is far-reaching, infusing her work with an uncompromising intensity that sets her apart. Prepare to witness women's transmutation into animals and vice versa as Wilkinson masterfully engages with societal issues, skillfully blending humor and symbolism. Her art challenges the confines of conventional perceptions, reshaping notions of femininity in unprecedented ways.

A Wimbledon College of Art UAL graduate, Wilkinson's presence has steadily surged across the UK's art scene, with group and solo exhibitions illuminating her prowess.

Photo credit: Louise Yeowart

© Mia Wilkinson

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