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Amy Wiggin

Amy Wiggin. Picture by Jimmy Donelan.
(b. 1984, UK)
Lives and works in London

Amy Wiggin is an emerging artist whose vibrant color palette and naive expressionist style artwork explore themes of female empowerment, friendships, and modern dating. Her evocative compositions ingeniously blend traditional printmaking techniques with a dash of whimsy, fashioning captivating narratives that challenge our perceptions of reality. In a mesmerizing twist, this exhibition unveils fresh works – her acrylic paintings, born from a seamless migration of her printmaking style onto the textural embrace of the canvas. 

Wiggin's artistic journey is as diverse as her creations. With a formidable education from the Glasgow School of Art and the London College of Fashion, she has honed her artistic prowess through extensive training. Her talent has garnered recognition through numerous exhibitions across the UK, captivating audiences with the raw emotion and thought-provoking concepts conveyed in her work. Moreover, Wiggin's exceptional abilities have attracted a prestigious clientele, including notable publications like VOGUE International, Brummell magazine, Boat International magazine, and The Grove Hotel, to name just a few.

Photo credit: Jimmy Donelan

© Amy Wiggin

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